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According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, in 2013 there were 572 accidents in Santa Cruz County that involved either a fatality or an injury.  Of those 572, twenty-three involved motorcycles. At first blush, 23 does not seem extremely high, but when you consider how dangerous accidents involving motorcycles are for the driver of the motorcycle, you view the statistic a little differently.

Motorcycles do not have the frame to protect the driver from being thrown through the air and onto the ground like cars and trucks do. So motorcycle accident cases come with serious injuries, often life threatening. Motorcycles accident cases also add a certain social stigma into the case that is not present in other accident cases, although in a liberal area like Santa Cruz County, that is not as big of a factor as it is in more conservative jurisdictions. But insurance companies have been known to hold certain biases against those who ride, and one of the main jobs of your motorcycle accident attorney is to get any bias eliminated right away. The overwhelming majority of motorcycle riders are safe drivers, and there are no statistics to the contrary.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the injuries in a motorcycle accident can be so severe, many times the insurance coverage of the other party is not substantial enough to cover the medical bills. The right Santa Cruz motorcycle accident lawyer is needed to find any assets the other party may have, and any other insurance policies available to satisfy the recovery, such as under-insurance coverage or any umbrella policy the other party may have.  This is crucial. Motorcycle accidents can lead to serious injuries that can preclude the individual from functioning in a physically healthy manner and certainly can preclude employment. Most standard insurance policies will simply not have enough coverage.

Motorcycle accidents often occur due to the weather, driver error, or other vehicles intentionally cutting in front of a motorcycle while lane splitting (which is legal).  Many times it is just a careless driver who fails to see the motorcycle, makes contact, and because of the lack of the frame on the motorcycle, even a minor bump can lead to serious injuries.

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